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est. 2015

Separation of concerns in CSS

I recently started a process of refactoring all the front-end code at my full time gig. I have also been reading tons of articles relating to style guides and pattern libraries … and, subsequently, just about every article on the topic of OOCSS, SMACSS and Atomic Design and just realised again how poorly the code base I inherited was designed/architected. { full article… }

State of the blog address

So I’m moving house – well … not in the literal sense; I’m moving my hosting to Hetzner and am in the middle of the tedious process of backing up and migrating stuff … and, of course, I am easily distracted, so I look at some of the stuff that has been hosted with WebAfrica for the last 10 years or so – fucking LOL! { full article… }

Don’t feed your trolls

I was doing some research as part of the process for interviewing new candidates for a position at my day job today – as ever my first reference is an article (now slightly dated) by Chris Coyier on the topic. I have used this as a base for many interviews in the past, it’s really simple and aids in quickly disqualifying chancers. { full article… }