Just plain CSS

est. 2015


Why another CSS related tips and tricks blog you ask?

  1. I wanted to start blogging again.
  2. There’s always room for one more point of view.
  3. I am hoping to stick to using ONLY CSS to solve everyday problems that many front end developers are all too happy to throw some jQuery (or a plugin) at.

About this site

A while ago I made peace with the fact that we’ll never get rid of all the jQuery plugins stuffed into our website (at my full time job) and that we’ll never find a sensible way to order the dependencies so that we can (at the very least) start patterning, concatenating and minifying our JavaScript … which has its grubby little footprints throughout the rather messy PHP spaghetti that we have as a bespoke frame for the front end … but then: REACT.

So we’re refactoring and there is a real opportunity to improve matters drastically; but, if you’re at a constant loggerheads with your colleagues over how much jQuery is enough jQuery and if we need another bloody plugin, you’re never going to get anywhere. It was at this point when I decided that the only way we’re getting rid of all these plugins, is to minimise our jQuery dependency (and yes, I know we can do without it and use all the nice REACT methods) by doing just about any and every thing in just plain CSS and adding a little bit of vanilla flavoured JavaScript into the mix … just enough to plug the tiny holes left that you can’t do with CSS.

Some of this is in production already – other stuff will never see the light of day and even more stuff is downright dangerous, but I set out to prove a point and did – so fuckit, we’re using it here where proof of concept matters as much as anything else. So this blog is where you’ll find all the snippets described above – use it freely and (sometimes) at your peril.

What you will find on this site:

  • Opinions – I have a quite a few … I hope to never run out of them.
  • Solutions to real world problems I faced and solved with just CSS.
  • CSS only replacements for some techniques that rely on JavaScript or, more specifically – jQuery, jQuery UI and/or other libraries and frameworks and their plugins.
  • Conceptual stuff that rely on CSS4 or CSS that is still in draft form.
  • Answers to some Stack Overflow questions that I found interesting or all too common.

About me

I’m just a front end web developer with no fancy qualifications and about a decade worth of experience (although some days it feels like I’m still doing bootcamp). My name is Jacques and most of my colleagues and friends call me Jayx (pronounced: Jakes). I love CSS – in fact, I love it so much that I use it for everything – to the point where my colleagues refer to my CSS as jayxQuery. I like teaching people how to do things and/or explaining my methodology to anyone who will listen – it helps me evaluate what I do and how I do it. I’m hoping to do the same here to a slightly bigger audience.

I started out in print (design & publishing) and decided that it was time for a change of direction about 10 years ago – thinking mainly that I’ll become stinking rich after seeing some quotations for a website for our little property publication. I located a cracked copy freeware version of some fine Macromedia software and started building some really crap websites in DreamweaverMX using tables and slicing images – I thought I was hot shit back then … then a few things dawned on me:

  1. This was no way to get rich quick.
  2. I didn’t know a thing.
  3. Tables are no way to lay out a website.
  4. (Once I started learning about semantics) I really enjoyed this stuff … even given that point one never came to fruition.

I made this site using WordPress; I love WordPress almost as much as I do CSS – if you like my work or would like to make use of my freelance front end or WordPress services, feel free to get in touch. You are also welcome to send me suggestions for posts or topics you would like me to cover and I’ll see if I can accommodate it.