Just plain CSS

est. 2015

CSS tips, tricks, hacks and concepts (or conceptual stuff). Here we don’t care about browser support; because, if your browser isn’t shit, these little snippets will probably work out of the box in all modern browsers … unless it’s labelled experimental – I like experimenting.

Separation of concerns in CSS

I recently started a process of refactoring all the front-end code at my full time gig. I have also been reading tons of articles relating to style guides and pattern libraries … and, subsequently, just about every article on the topic of OOCSS, SMACSS and Atomic Design and just realised again how poorly the code base I inherited was designed/architected. { full article… }

The infamous radio button hack

Lots has been written already about the “radio button hack” and I’m here to tell you that it isn’t – it’s not a hack, because you’re not exploiting any loopholes or functionality that may or may not be fixed down the line – the radio button trick works and should keep on working for the foreseeable future; that and the checkbox trick. What’s it about then?
{ full article… }